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Ricksanity Fitness

5527 Powers Center Point, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Exercise should be fun, challenging, and effective. You deserve a trainer who can guarantee results.  You deserve a trainer who can reduce those inches, increase your muscle mass, and make you look and feel the best you ever have. I want to be that trainer. I want to get you in the best shape of your life.

NEW YEAR'S SPECIAL: Try Ricksanity risk free for 3 free classes or one free personal training session!  Offer valid throughout the month of January.

"If you've been going to your local gym for months, or years and still see no improvement in the way you feel and look - stop wasting your time and train with Ricky!
If you are looking to get stronger, get your body toned, lose some weight and feel motivated - Ricky is your trainer! He'll quickly kick your butt with the exercises you thought were challenging and make it harder so you can get out of your comfort zone! Forget about the boring routine exercises you're used to, Ricky makes it challenging and fun!
He is very attentive and involved with everyone, he is adjusting the exercises based on everyone's fitness level, asking about any previous injuries and goes from there. He's always trying to make you challenge yourself and make you sweat, so don't get fooled if one day he decides to go easy on you, he'll make you work double hard next time.
I love Ricksanity Saturday classes- those are the hardest and most challenging, and will take your fitness to the next level! If you train with Ricky, you'll never get disappointed!"


He is friendly and professional, he is a good listener and explains each exercise carefully making sure the right muscles are engaged. I am impressed with his knowledge and his careful guidance. I highly recommend Ricksanity!


Ricksanity kept me in shape during the pandemic and I continue to see amazing results!! Thank you Ricky for always keeping me motivated!



Feel free to contact me at any time for a free consultation and information!

(719) 321-2105

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