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Ricksanity Small Group Training

Premiere Group Exercise, Nominated for "Best Fitness Class" from The Gazette's Best of the Springs

If you're looking for intense, fun,  safe, functional and affordable workout that can get you looking and feeling your best, Ricksanity Small Group Training is for you. Find the camaraderie, high energy and motivation of group exercise, combined with the attention, modifications and customization of personal training.  Classes are always capped at 6, so that every participant receives attention, modifications and motivation.  Your first small group training session is always free.

Ricksanity classes are held at Pick It Up Fitness on 5527 Powers Center Point,  Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Ultimate Training, Ultimate Results

We work with dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, balls, functional and cardio equipment to deliver an amazing total body workout. Thousands of exercises, along with modern training concepts such as Intervals,  HIIT, AMRAPS, and more guarantee a unique workout every day.


Instructor Led

I write out and administer all my programs. Every class has clear demonstrations of all exercises, and how the class will flow and be formatted for the day.  These workouts allow me to push and encourage everyone, and to keep an eye on proper form and technique.

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